The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soccer.. etc..

Last night was my first soccer game here at BYU-I. I am on the Vikings team, and we basically dominated last night. We played the Hawks. The final score was 5-0 (mainly because there is a mercy rule and we can't win by more than 5 or else it'll give us sportsmanship points, which isn't good..). I scored the 3rd goal; it went right into the left side of the goal. I was stoked. Then I went to see the last minute of Greg's game, which was right next to my field. Turns out the score was 3-3, and he scored the game-winning goal in the last minute of the game to make the score 4-3! He also scored the first goal of the game too. I was surprised, but super excited for him.

Greg had his bike up at the fields, but he walked all the way home with me, and then went back to his apartment. We both took showers really fast, and then we went on another walk. I just enjoy talking to him so much. He is awesome! We walked everywhere; I'm sure we saw the entire city of Rexburg. But even though we both were super sore from our games, we didn't care. Half the time we didn't even realize how far we were walking because we were so caught up in the conversation. Basically, it was an awesome night. I'm glad I met Greg.

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