The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Weekend

Is it bad that I already sometimes just don't want to go to school some days? I mean, come on, who wants to get up and go to school on a Monday morning after an awesome and fun weekend? Not me. In all honesty, school really isn't too bad. I actually really enjoy most of my teachers. The worst part about it obviously is the homework and reading. But hey, I'm not the first one to go through college, so I think I can deal with it.

Basically, my weekend went like this:
I had soccer tryouts on Friday night, went home with Leah afterward, and started watching a movie. About an hour later, this guy named Greg and two of his roommates came over and hung out and we ended up going back to their apartment complex to check out his pool. No, I didn't go in it, but it was really weird to see that there was a pool in Rexburg, Idaho. Overall, extremely fun night. And yes, everyone, Greg is super cute.

Saturday, I had soccer again in the morning, but ended up coming home and pretty much did nothing all day. But then later that night, Greg texted me and asked if my roommates and I wanted to go to a bonfire with his roommates and him. I was tired of being cooped up all day, so Emma and I went with them. I have never been to a bonfire like that before! The fire was HUGE! Definitely nothing like a beach bonfire; it was about 100 times better. Let's just say that Saturday night was the best night I've had since I've been up here.

Sunday, went to church, Sara gave the Relief Society lesson, and then got to hang out with all my roommates, plus Greg and his roommates once again. Sunday actually wasn't that awesome. But overall, I'm starting to feel like I'm in college now.

Today I have practice in about 45 minutes. I'm excited, but I think my coach, Kat, is going to make us run a lot. Oh well, no big deal. I hope everyone is doing great! I am!

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