The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Happenings in September and October

Greg and I have been busy, busy, busy! But we have been able to squeeze a few fun things in here and there within the past 2 months. It's all been pretty random.

I decided I wanted some cute Halloween decorations (instead of spider webs, like last year). So I made my own! Here's the sign that's on our front door. BOO! Notice the little eyes in the O's. We couldn't find any wooden O's at Walmart, so we got two Q's instead and then Greg chopped off the little tail on each Q. We thought the inside part of the Q looked cute as little eyes (almost as if to say, "I'm watching you!").

I also made a little hanging sign for inside our house. I added a little spider and bat to the bottom of the sign to spice things up.

Another random thing we did earlier this month was we went to Park City for a night and stayed with Greg's family. We were there for General Conference. It was a lot of fun. Here's a funny picture of Sam with a Halloween mask on. Such a beautiful face.

We went to the Sunday morning session of General Conference. We also got to listen to the Music and the Spoken Word presentation. Seriously, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is amazing. They are so inspiring. And the speakers at our session were great too. It was such a wonderful spiritual experience.

We have been having some very beautiful sunsets this Fall (can we even call this season Fall? It's just too dang cold to be called Fall, but not quite cold enough to be Winter weather). This picture below is one of those sunsets. I remember that time of day was just sooo incredibly beautiful. 

Josh came to Provo a couple weeks ago!! Oh my goodness it was so great to see him! He had an accounting conference at BYU and we got to see him one of the nights he was here. I just miss him so much. I really wish we could fly out to Missouri to visit him and his cute little family. I sure do love that family! And you can just tell that Josh is a great daddy for those kids. He loves them so much.

Greg is amazing. Seriously, he is constantly doing things that blow me away. He is so creative and smart. Below are some pictures of him fixing our poor car a few weeks ago. Our exhaust manifold had a HUGE crack in it and wasn't letting us pass our safety and emissions test. Therefore, we couldn't register our car. Well they wanted to charge us $500 to fix it! Greg was having none of that, so he bought the part we needed online for like $80 and fixed it himself. Just FYI, he has never fixed anything like that, so he was figuring it out as he went. It took him pretty much all day, and he was pretty frustrated. I even asked him at the peak of his frustration if it was worth it for him to fix it himself, even though it was way cheaper. He said, "Ask me when I'm done." Well I sure asked him when he was done, and I got the biggest smile ever from him. He said it was definitely worth it! He saved us like $400! And yes, when he went back to get our safety and emissions test, the car passed!

You can see his little eye in between the engine.

One night, Greg and I went out and saw that the Y was all lit up because it was Homecoming Night. It was really cool! 

Greg and I had the chance to hang out with my old friends from Garden Grove! Obviously not everyone we all used to hang out with was there, but the ones that are here in Utah were there (Jake Clark, Seth Trader and his wife Kjiersti, Jarom Olson, Jacob Olson, and Jacob Matagi and his girlfriend). It was seriously SO much fun! I was so happy to see them all. It's fun to see where we all are at in our lives. It gave me a little bit of home in this somewhat unfamiliar place.

So BIG NEWS! No, I'm not pregnant. But Greg is an awesome innovator! He competed in a competition at BYU called the Student Innovator of the Year Competition. It's a competition where any student can enter an innovative product and try to win some money. There are a lot of judges that go around and look at all of the different things that students come up with. You can really just think of any idea, as long as it's innovative. There are also investors there who are interested in some of the products as well. Well, Greg and his brother, Shaun, presented the product that Greg came up with (Shaun basically just helped with the presentation). To spare you the details because it's kind of hard to explain, he created a prototype of a replacement for a syringe. Syringes are the 8th cause if health injuries in the medical field. The needles are dangerous, especially because they are usually disposed improperly. Anyway, Greg's idea eliminates the dangers that common syringes pose. It's a pretty cool idea. So they competed against about 40 other people and they made the top 8! They present the idea again this Thursday! I am so proud of Greg! He truly is amazing, and he has worked so hard on this. I just love him so much!

Here they are presenting to a group of judges.

We got to go camping with some of Greg's siblings this past weekend. We went with Shaun and his girlfriend, Wave, Alisa, and Chris. It was a ton of fun, except for the lack of sleep I got because I was just so uncomfortable. But other than that it was just fun to be together. We went to Rock Canyon, which was just beautiful.

Here's Shaun and Wave.

Setting up camp, and Chris making some burgers for us!

Gregory loves camping.

And here's us, just loving life.

We have had a lot of fun these past couple of months. We have also been EXTREMELY busy with work and school and honestly it's been pretty tough, but who cares? We can just focus on the fun things we get to do :)