The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Saturday, April 28, 2012

California... Home Sweet Home

Recently, Greg and I got to go down to California for a couple of weeks. I realllllly miss that place. We had so much fun with my family. We drove down (hoping we would surprise my parents with our arrival) but Ann Marie spilled the beans, so they knew we were coming. It was all good though, a nice reunion. While we were in Garden Grove, we spent lots of time with my family, went to Knott's Berry Farm (Greg's first time there), went on a bike ride down at the beach with my dad, and ran a lot of errands for and with my mom. We just loved being with our family.

After about a week in Garden Grove, we went up with my family to Leo Carillo State Beach to go beach camping (it's up by Malibu, CA if you know where that is). The first couple of days were kind of windy and not so pleasant. But as the rest of the week unfolded, the weather was great and it was beautiful! Greg even got me to go surfing, which was a real surprise to all of us because I was dead set on not going in the freezing cold water. But with a wetsuit, it wasn't too bad. I loved surfing, caught a lot of waves, and really enjoyed being out in the water with everyone. Greg surfed every single day, and became really good! He was tearing it up out there (when we got back home to Utah, he even said, "Man, if i could just surf everyday... that would be awesome." Hopefully that means he wants to live in California...) We also had a lot of fun playing cards with all the moms and my dad, and chit chatting with people we hadn't seen in a while. We rode bikes everywhere, we even found a bike trail next to the campground. We also hiked up a creek that was near our campsite, and climbed on a bunch of rocks. Greg found a frog and brought it back to our camp. It was jumping all over everything and everyone. It was pretty humorous. We went and sat at the beach a lot too. One day at the beach, Greg got Kole Brodowski and Scott Hicken to lay down under a towel, while we put chips and food on top of them. Then we watched as the hungry seagulls stepped onto the towel they were laying under, and Kole and Scott would try to grab the bird. It was hilarious! We tried so many times to grab the birds, but it never really worked. It was close, but didn't totally work. Another day, back at our campsite, Greg constructed a squirrel trap, and we really tried to catch one. Like the seagulls, we ALMOST had a squirrel a couple of times, but the trap just didn't work well enough. It was a lot of fun though.

We really enjoyed our time in California, and like every other time we go down there, it was really hard to leave my family. I just love them so much! Luckily we get to see them in July, so it won't be long until we see them again!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finally Updating After 3 Months

Hey all, Lots of things have been going on in our lives lately. To make it easier on everyone, I'll just bullet point all of the exciting things that have happened in the past 3 months.

 -Greg and I found jobs in Park City (we were going to work at Park City Mountain Resort, but the season wasn't doing well, so they couldn't offer us jobs). I have worked at a tourist retail store called Otto Parts on Main Street and Greg has worked at a ski rental shop up at the Hyatt Escala at the Canyons Resort. Both of these jobs have been really good for both of us, but it has been a long winter. 

-Greg and I both got into BYU for the Spring Term!!! This is probably the best news we have gotten all winter. We seriously are SO excited. The night we found out, we were jumping for joy and screaming and celebrating. Our dream has come true!

 -Greg thought he was going to have to wait for a year and a half to get into the Business program at BYU because his counsellor told him he wouldn't be able to finish his prereques in time for the deadline to apply for the Fall 2012 or Winter 2013 semesters. It was really sad and such a bummer for him. But, we ended up finding out that his counsellor was COMPLETELY wrong and didn't know what he was talking about, and fortunately Greg can apply to get into the Fall 2012 semester for the Mariott School of Business. As for me, I'm still doing Elementary Ed, and I'll start my program in the Winter 2013 semester. Greg and I will graduate around the same time (he might graduate a semester or so earlier than me).

 -We found a really cheap apartment in Provo. I know this sounds like not that cool of a thing, but finding apartments that are actually available for a cheap price is harder than it seems. Those of you who have had to do this, you know what I'm talking about. Those of you who haven't, just you wait. We actually move into it on Saturday from our current apartment in Heber, Utah. So, that's pretty exciting!

 -Greg's brother Shaun came home from his mission the day before my birthday. It was such an exciting reunion for his brothers and sisters and parents, and it was great meeting him for the first time at the airport. He is such a great guy. He's really solid in the gospel and loves to have fun. Greg, Shaun, and I have been playing soccer together on Wednesday nights at an indoor soccer park since he's been home. It's been really fun hanging out together, all of us.

 -For my birthday, Greg got me a flight to go to California to visit my family whenever I want. That was such an awesome present- I really miss my family, and he definitely knows that (considering I tell him all the time). I haven't used it yet, but I will, don't worry. In a few days, we are driving down to California together to visit my family and go beach camping at Leo Carillo! We are both SUPER stoked! It's going to be so much fun!

 -A month or two ago, Greg and I went camping. I can't remember the name of the lake we camped at, but it is really close to Park City, probably like 15 minutes east. We were the only campers there, I guess because it is too cold for everyone. But we are hardcore campers, so we set up our tent, made some hot dogs, roasted some marshmellows, and just had a really great time together. Unfortunately it was really windy, but it didn't bother us too much. We still had fun!

 We have had a lot of fun this winter, despite the terrible snow we have received (or lack thereof). We have gotten to go skiing in the bad snow, but it was really fun. We've gone on lots of hikes, gone to the hot springs in Spanish Fork, hung out with Greg's family a lot, and just have enjoyed each other and being married. We love it!

 P.S. Sorry there aren't any pictures! I'll try to post some later.