The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Monday, September 12, 2011

We said yes!

Well, life is finally starting to slow down. It has been a crazy past couple of months with the wedding planning, school, travelling arrangements, housing situations, and the fact that Greg and I just wanted to be married already! I am here to say that it finally happened! Greg and I got hitched! We were happily married in the Newport Beach California temple on August 26, 2011. Let's just start out with how I was feeling:

I was extremely nervous. To put it bluntly. I kept asking myself, "Self, am I really ready for this? Am I even mature enough to be doing this? How are we going to pay for the things we need? How can we figure this out?" You know, all of the dumb little things that you think about when something huge is about to happen in your life. I have always known, since I've known Greg, that I wanted to spend eternity with him. I have always had a good feeling about him and us together. So, even though I was so nervous about what I was doing, I remembered that I had someone who would do anything for me, anything at all. I knew I was going to marry someone who was going to take care of me and support me during our lives together. I knew he would always comfort me when I felt down or sad, and would celebrate with me when happy things were happening.

The morning of our wedding, the nervousness was as strong as ever. As I hurried to get my hair and makeup done, it really hit me what was about to take place in a couple of hours. I was making the biggest decision of my life by getting married. I got in the car with my parents, and as we left the house to get to the temple, I got a call from Greg who was already at the temple, asking me if I was almost there. I suddenly felt overwhelmed and told him that we just left. As soon as we hung up, I felt the tears enter my eyes, my face heated up, and I started crying. Mom kept telling me that I was going to ruin my makeup, and honestly, that was a huge reason as to why I held back the tears as much as I could. My parents assured me that everything was going to be all right. As we entered the temple grounds, I caught glimpse of my sweetheart. There he was, just standing there, anxiously awaiting my arrival. As soon as I got out of the car, he gave me the biggest hug he could manage. It made me feel loads better. We entered the holy house of the Lord, filled out paperwork, got changed into our temple clothes, and got to just sit in the temple for a little while by ourselves before our actual ceremony started. The feeling of peace swept over me like a blanket, encompassing me and making me feel comforted and reassured that everything really was all right. I was sitting in the best place on earth with the man of my dreams, ready to be married. We finally went into the sealing room for our ceremony. It was so beautiful. The ceremony itself was amazing, and Greg and I cried throughout the whole thing. I could never imagine myself with anyone else or getting married anywhere else. I loved it. And I love being married!