The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dad-To-Be Survival Kit

WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS! Can you believe it?! It's pretty exciting for us! It's going to be a HUGE change, but we are so excited!!

For Father's Day, I decided to create a "Dad-To-Be Survival Kit" for Greg. Check it out!

An Address Book/Brag Book for all the need-to-know phone numbers, information, memories, brag moments, etc.

Hand Lotion to remind you that babies need a lot of soft touches. 

Lifesavers to remind you that to our baby, you are a lifesaver.

Eraser to remind you that every new dad makes mistakes. 

Sweet & Sour Candy because every child can be both at any given moment.

Shiny Penny because you are going to need a lot of these before the baby is grown.

A Face Mask to guard your sense of smell from the unexpected.

Air Freshener to cover up the heinous smells the little one will produce.

Gloves to protect your hands while changing the mystery diapers.

Goggles to protect your eyes from any UFOs while diaper changing.

Tongs to help get the mystery diaper to the trash without getting it on you.

Hand Sanitizer to sterilize your hands from whatever might make it beyond the gloves.

Marbles to replace the ones you will lose.

Cotton Balls for times when you can't hear yourself think.

Laffy Taffy because you're going to need to remember to keep your sense of humor.

Hugs & Kisses because you deserve them (unfortunately I couldn't find any Hershey's Hugs!). 

 Tylenol for when all else fails... take two.

We sure are excited!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Greg's a Quarter Century Old

This blog post is all about Greg.

Greg is one fourth of the way done with his life (granted he lives until he's 100). I know, he's so old. I still look like a baby at 22 compared to him. 

I tried very hard to pamper and spoil him again this year. We love surprising each other on our birthdays. I wanted him to have the best day/weekend ever!

His birthday was on a Friday (May 30th). On Thursday night, I forced him to stay in the living room all night while I baked in the kitchen. I didn't want him to see what I was doing. I made him some cupcakes (chocolate with cream cheese frosting), and also made some muffins for the next morning, partly so I wouldn't have to wake up at 6:45 with him to make him breakfast. He could just grab some muffins on the go. I put a few cupcakes in a container that he couldn't see through and wrote him a little note. I had him open that and eat the cupcakes and read the note after he ate lunch at work. 

When he got home from work, I had him open his presents. I usually try to get a lot of different fun presents to open. It's a fun little thing that I've been trying to do for him every year.

Spearfishing gear

We went to Tucano's for his birthday dinner. SERIOUSLY SO AMAZING. We just love that place so much. 

This was a raspberry Brazilian limeade. This is definitely Greg's second round of it. It's so delicious.

After dinner, we went geocaching. Geocaching is basically a scavenger hunt that you can do to find things around the city, using a GPS. We found quite a few of the little canisters! It was a lot of fun. Sometimes the canisters are big, sometimes they are small. Sometimes they are hidden really well, and sometimes the hints they give you are super obvious. It was really cool.

On Saturday morning, Greg went spearfishing with his brother, Shaun. He brought me back this beautiful bouquet of wild flowers. 

We went to Seven Peaks on Saturday. It was so much fun! We got a lot of sun and it was very refreshing to be in the water. Greg's family ended up coming with us. We had a good time. Lance and Diane also took us all out to dinner for Greg's birthday at a restaurant that Wave works at (Osaka). It was yummy!

Overall, I think Greg had a fun weekend. It was pretty casual and laid back, but it was fun being together. It was fun surprising him with all of these different random activities that we did. I think he appreciated that. I just love him so much.

1/4 down, 3/4 to go.