The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Happy :]

Things are good here, everyone. I'm so genuinely happy, and I love it. Tonight, our FHE brothers Ryan and Martin came over, and a little bit later Greg Livingston came too. We talked, ate this delicious Oreo dessert that Leah and I made (courtesy of Karina Lee), played Uno with some Skip-Bo cards, and just had a really good time together. But tonight we had an apartment check, and as soon as we heard that our checker was two apartments down from ours, Greg immediately said, "Hey Sam, let's get out of here during this cleaning check." So we went for a walk. I loved it. I love talking to Greg. I have such a great appreciation for him. We had a nice time out in the freezing cold weather. We were both chattering and wishing we hadn't forgotten our jackets (I really hope I don't get a cold...). But it was very nice and super fun :]

Life is good today. It's been good since I've been up here. And I wouldn't trade what's happening here for the world.

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