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The Livingstons

Friday, June 7, 2013

Greg's 24th Birthday

Greg turned 24 years old on May 30th this year. What an old-timer, right? His birthday was on a Thursday, so we decided to work that day and take Friday off, so we could have a 3 day weekend. It was a lot of fun. Thursday after work, we went to Bombay House on University Avenue here in Provo. It's an Indian food place (not my favorite) but Greg really likes it. We also got some Cold Stone (cake batter with Reese's... YUM!). Then we went home and Greg opened his gifts from me. I was seriously SO excited!

I ended up getting him some new navy shoes that look like Vans (from Target), but I don't have any pictures.

Yes, a new church shirt. He has been in desperate need of a new one. He's had his old dirty one since before our wedding, two years ago. He really needed a new one.

Here's a new shirt I got for him. I think the black looks nice with his dark hair.

Greg has also been wanting re-chargeable batteries for his Wii controllers. He got his wish.

And the grand finale of gifts were these awesome tickets to the Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy game on June 8th! This was my favorite gift to give him because he has asked me so many times this season if we could go to one of these soccer games. I always kind of avoided that conversation because I wanted these tickets to be a surprise. And this game is going to be awesome because Greg loves RSL, and I am a Galaxy fan! It's going to be a great rivalry!

I came up with the clever idea of making some rivalry T-shirts for the game. We are seriously sooooo excited!!!

On Friday, Greg went fishing with his brother, Chris. I took a midterm at the school. We then went to the batting cages and hit some baseballs. It was pretty fun, and definitely challenging. Neither one of us are baseball players; we like to stick to soccer. We chose the cage that had balls flying at 50 miles per hour, and we missed more than half of them for sure. But it was still very fun. I hit more balls than Greg did (but don't tell him I'm bragging).

Friday night, Greg's entire family came over to our apartment to eat dinner. Diane made lasagna and Jocelyn made a German Chocolate cake (it was so good!), and we all had a good time eating. Then we went over to a place called Jump On It or Sky High or something like that (I can never keep track of all those trampoline places, there are so many of them). We spent an hour jumping around and playing trampoline dodgeball. It was super fun!

On Saturday, Greg and I got up to go hike the Y. Greg was a first-timer. I think I have done it before, but that was a long time ago. It was basically a new adventure for both of us. It was a lot of fun!

On the way, we drove past the new Provo temple that is under construction. It's the old tabernacle, and it is on stilts, as you can see in the picture. Pretty crazy!

Our lovely view from the trail up to the Y.

And here we are up at the Y. It's such a gorgeous view, as many of you know.

Greg laid down backwards down the slope of the Y, which is pretty steep. I thought he was crazy. I am so terrified of heights; I could barely stand up there. I know, I'm a wimp.

After hiking the Y, we went to a hot dog place called J Dawgs. It's just a little hole-in-the-wall place right next to BYU, and it's really popular. I can see why! It was delicious! Greg got a polish dog, and I just got a regular beef dog. They have delicious buns and THE BEST sauce ever. So good.

So, Greg ended up vamping up our T-shirts for the game. He is so awesome! I am so impressed with his artistic skills. 

My cutie.

Greg's an old man now! (Sorry to all of you who are older than him). I'm glad I got to celebrate with him.

Here are some more random pictures from Greg's birthday weekend:

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  1. Love the blog--thanks for the fun details! The shirts were so great!