The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Greg's Secret Admirer (It's Me)

Here are 10 things I love about Greg (the list could go on forever if I wanted, but I'm cutting it down):

1. Greg is the most patient person I have ever met.

I think I appreciate this because I am the exact opposite. I get so impatient with things (especially if they don't go my way...). Greg is so easy-going and laid back. When he gets upset about something or annoyed, he is so resilient and gets over it immediately. When I am upset or angry about something and I start to take it out on him (I know, it's bad), he NEVER raises his voice at me and he is usually very inclined to just say he is sorry (even if he didn't do anything wrong). What a guy, right?

2. Greg makes me laugh every single day.

I love to laugh. And Greg knows it. I laugh at everything. And Greg takes advantage of that. He would probably say he is super lame and his jokes aren't funny, but I think he is the funniest person ever! His sense of humor is not about being the center of attention with loud and obnoxious jokes. He likes to just say things quietly, kind of under the radar, without attracting a lot of attention, and sometimes you really have to be paying attention to catch the joke. I love it.

3. Greg loves the Lord and works hard every day to do what is right and bear the Priesthood with honor.

I don't know what I'd do without Greg. He helps lift me up in my moments of hardship, he comforts me, and he blesses my life immensely. He is capable of doing all of this for me because he is worthy of the Priesthood he holds, and he loves Jesus Christ so much. We work together to read our scriptures, pray, have Family Home Evening, and fulfill our callings in the Church. We aren't anywhere near perfect. But because I have Greg, who constantly wants to do the right things, I am trying to improve my life every single day.

4. Greg works hard every single day to provide for our family.

Lately, Greg has been working full time at his job at UltraDent on the Research and Design team. He has put in a lot of hours so we can be financially stable. I know he gets tired and sometimes just wants to come home and lay on the couch or something, but he always has a good attitude.

5. Greg supports me with my decisions and with the things that are going on my life.

I have been going to school full time this Spring, and I will continue to do so for the Summer term as well. I am also working about 25 hours a week. Because of all this, I get very stressed out very easily. I worry about all of the things I have to do each week and how tired I am. I worry that I won't do well in my classes, and that I won't make enough money to help support our little family. I worry too much. But Greg is always there telling me that I can do it! Just put a little power to it! He always has confidence in my abilities. He reassures me that if I work hard, I will do well with whatever I set my mind to. I really appreciate this, especially in my moments of weakness.

6. Greg makes dinner for me most nights (and he usually gets lunches ready for me as well).

I realize that this sounds super lame of me. But I have been so busy with school and work; I don't get out of class or work until 5pm and sometimes 6:30pm and then I have homework, and Greg usually gets home around 4:30-5pm. So he usually starts the meals and gets everything ready for when I get home. He is a great cook! And trust me, I help when I can, but lately I just haven't had time! I extremely appreciate that he does this almost every day. Like I said earlier, I bet he just wants to come home and lay down some days when he gets home from work, but instead he makes dinner. This makes me happy.

7. Greg wants me to be happy.

This is incredibly important to me. I'm sure everyone wants to be happy. But for someone else to care as much about your happiness as their own is truly a special thing. That describes Greg perfectly. He does everything he can to make me happy. Sometimes I don't give him enough credit or I don't acknowledge the little things he does, but I do notice and always appreciate it.

8. Greg loves camping, hiking, sports, and trying new things.

When I was a teenager, I always wished that my future husband would love the same types of things I do: dirt biking, beach camping, camping in tents or trailers, jumping off rocks into a lake, playing soccer, hiking and backpacking, etc. I got my wish when I married Greg. He grew up doing a lot of these same things. I have been able to introduce him to some new things, like dirt biking and beach camping. My dad has even gotten him to love surfing. Seriously, Greg tries things once and he is immediately good at whatever it is. We have been able to go on numerous camping trips together: Yosemite, the Uintas, Zion, and Leo Carrillo, to name a few. I love it. We play soccer together pretty often, and we love doing outdoor activities together. Greg is the best!

9. Greg never gives up on anything. Never even gets close.

Greg is definitely not a quitter. When he starts something, he finishes it. When he is frustrated, he keeps going until he has exhausted all of his efforts. When he is angry, he gets over it and moves on. He never gives up on hope or happiness or making things work. He is a pusher. And I admire that about him. He pushes me to not ever want to give up, even when things get super hard. He just doesn't have that kind of attitude, to just give up. I think that this attribute is rare, and I am so lucky to have found Greg.

10. Greg is always very happy.

He always tells me that he just hates being upset and never wants to be angry or have bad feelings toward anyone. I don't blame him. I think this is why he gets over things so quickly when he is upset or mad. He just makes the choice to be happy. That is a skill that I have not yet learned. He never tries to do things that would cause him to lose the Spirit and be unhappy. It is very hard for anyone to get Greg down. I admire this about him.

What a stud.

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  1. Youre the best writer Sam! Greg did good. I hope I marry someone as nice as he did!