The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Thursday, June 13, 2013


 Greg and I went to the Real Salt Lake vs LA Galaxy soccer game last weekend. This game was one of the things I got Greg for his 24th birthday. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, RSL beat the Galaxy 3-1, but that's alright. I will say that the RSL team AND fans have no class whatsoever. For instance, every time Landon Donovan (the best player on the field who happened to be on the Galaxy) got the ball, the entire stadium booed. Only when he touched the ball, no one else... Super annoying. Also, anytime the Galaxy keeper went to kick a goal kick, the entire stadium yelled "You suck!" Really classy, huh? Another thing that happened was as soon as RSL scored their 3rd goal, they got in a fight with one of the Galaxy players, pushing and shoving. It was ridiculous. I mean, come on, you just scored... get over it... I realize it was a home game for RSL and the fans are going to be super obnoxious, but it was a little out of hand. There was some other stuff that happened, but I'll spare you the ridiculousness of the RSL fans and team. (I'm kind of a sore loser, I guess). Anyway, other than all of that, it was super fun being with Greg at the game. We had a fun time teasing each other and being rivals.

We had to wear our awesome rivalry T-shirts. Some lady that sat next to us turned to me and said, "You're rooting for the wrong team!" I replied, "No, everyone else here is rooting for the wrong team."(I know, super clever)

The stadium was PACKED. I didn't realize how many fans there were for Real Salt Lake. I only saw one other Galaxy fan; other than that, it was a sea of red in the stands for RSL. We really did have a great time, even despite the Galaxy's loss. Better luck next time.

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