The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Friday, March 15, 2013


I realize I haven't been very faithful in writing on my blog for the last couple of months. I guess I've just been really stressed and busy with school and other things. But I wanted to write about something that I'm just loving: BLOGILATES!Pronounced like "Pilates" but with a "blog" in the front instead.

There's a girl named Cassie Ho who has a website where she posts workout videos, healthy foods you can eat, and tips for staying healthy. I'm in love with it. My friend from work, Mikaila, told me all about it because she got into it, and I've been doing it for the past 3 weeks or so.

Let me just say, it is a WORKOUT! Every single day, I am just dying after the workout.It really focuses on your core, especially your arms and abs. There are different workouts for different parts of your body (arms, back, legs, abs, obliques, total body) and each one really helps you gain a lot of strength. It's really, really hard sometimes.

But I love it. It's a total love-hate relationship. Cassie is such an awesome instructor and really wants to motivate you to keep pushing yourself. She's also a total girly girl. But I love doing her workouts. They really push me to the limit and I look forward to it every single day! Greg has been doing them with me here and there (don't tell him I told you!). It's been nice to have this to do together.

I love that I have this now. I'm so happy that I have a workout that I really enjoy. I'm trying to get toned and in shape again, like I was in high school. I'm getting ready for summer!

Here's a link to the website:

Check it out! It's so awesome!

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