The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Thursday, March 21, 2013

BYU Academic Scholarship

I have such great news, I couldn't NOT blog about it! I'm sure I've gotten the word out, but I got a full ride to BYU based on my academics! All of my hard work paid off. I seriously am still so excited, and I found out two days ago. It is such a great blessing that Greg and I have received. I had really been worried about how we would pay for my schooling this Spring and Summer (not to mention, I am dreading going to school year-round). It's about $2200 to go to school for both of those terms. I know it's not very much compared to like every single other school in the country. But still, it's $2200 more than we really have to spend. And I don't want to go into debt just yet. Haha. But now we don't have to!

I really worked hard for this. I have been busting my butt to do well in school. And transferring from BYU Idaho put me behind a little bit, so I've just been really trying to do well. BYU is tougher than BYU Idaho, something I didn't realize before. No wonder BYU is ranked so well among the colleges in the U.S.

I'm just so happy with this great news. I'm so glad to have made it to BYU after some stressful times, and now I'm ecstatic about my scholarship! Life is going well. It's pretty tough sometimes, and sometimes I feel like there's no way I can keep pushing through school, work, and the craziness of my life. But I always do. I just have to remember the blessings I do have. I have to push away those angry, stressed out, painful feelings where I feel like I'm drowning in my busy life. I keep pushing on.

Here are a few lyrics to a song I've been listening to recently. I don't think it's a church-y song or anything, but I heard it on The Vampire Diaries, my latest obsession (thanks again to Jocelyn). But I think they ring true to what I'm trying to say:

For everyone lost in the silence
For every one missing piece
For every will that is broken
No matter how dark it may be
There is redemption

Sometimes we get rewarded for our hard work and determination. And then it's all worth it.

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