The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Monday, August 18, 2014

Livingston Family Reunion 2014 at Bear Lake

We went to a fun Livingston family reunion at Bear Lake a few weeks ago. We had a great time! Greg's dad, Lance, and all of his siblings and their families all go to these reunions. We enjoyed being with them.

This is our view from the cabin we stayed at. It was gorgeous!

This is Greg's little cousin Olive. We had a little princess party that Heather put together, and this was her cute little princess outfit.

Greg's cousin, Laurel, and I got to dress Anna as a princess with toilet paper and paper towels. I think she ended up looking more like a bride than a princess, but those are basically the same thing, right?

So cute!

Laurel and Anna 

Maggie got to dress Soren up. Such cuties! 

I got to be Anna's escort down the stairs and into the living room where everyone was waiting to see the pretty princesses.

Eliza got to dress Becca. Beauties!

One evening, we took family pictures. Of course, Greg's siblings were interested in the baby. I love how Chris' face looks super creepy, and he's blocking Greg's face, which makes Greg look more creepy too.

My love.

Later that night, Leslie (Greg's aunt) did some fun team games. We, as a team, had to cover our teammate's head with shaving cream and then throw cheese puffs onto it and see how many we could get to stick. It was pretty awesome.

Here's Lauren after we attacked her with cheese puffs. 

Greg brought a kite for us to play with. When I tried using it, it wasn't windy enough, so I got on the back of Lance's quad and we drove it around. It was fun. 

Here's Heather, Daniel, and Eli. Such an awesome little family! We sure love them tons!

Bear Lake was great! We loved being there and being with family. Until the next family reunion!

Here are some random little things we've been up to:

We painted this piece of furniture (we actually stained it black). It used to be a light wood color, and I didn't really love it. But now it looks fantastic!

We also got some new curtains and pillows. I'm in love with the way our living room looks now. 

I think I'm around 18-19 weeks here. 

Here's our awesome sunflower! We have several more, but this is the first one to blossom!

These past few weeks have been fun. I'm sad for summer to be over!

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