The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Monday, August 18, 2014


We had an amazing Friday this past weekend! I had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Greg came with me, and we got to see our little baby moving around in there. We saw basically every part of the baby: the cute little hands and feet and toes and fingers, the legs and arms and head, the heartbeat and the four chambers of the heart, etc. It was very special. The sonographer told us to turn away or close our eyes as she checked the gender. We were so excited!! It was hard not to look! But we wanted it that way so we could have a little gender reveal party with our families.

Here are some pictures of the ultrasound. This little baby is just perfect in every way.

Straight on face shot.

Two arms.

Two legs. The left side is probably my favorite because you can see the little bum and knee, and also the foot of course.

After the ultrasound, we had our sonographer put the gender picture into an envelope and seal it up. We then gave the envelope to Wave and she went to the store and got balloons to put into a box for us to open up and be surprised! It was super nice of her to do that.

We then all went to Vivian Park, which is in Provo Canyon. All of Greg's siblings were there, and so were his parents and his Grandma Sisco. We also had several of my siblings, my parents, and my best friend, Sara, on different phones so they could either see or hear the reveal. We had all brought some food to share, but first, we had to find out what our little baby was...

I am going to get the video of the reveal on here, but we opened up our box and found two pink balloons! IT'S A GIRL!!!

We seriously are SOOOO excited! I have actually wanted a girl. Greg wanted a boy, but he's so happy with a girl too. We just are already so in love with her, and we won't even get to actually meet her until January! It seems so far away! We can't wait!

Here I am at 19 weeks 6 days.

My mom has actually already gotten the baby a blanket, but here's one of our first gifts from someone for our little girl. Janalyn, a lady I work with, gave us this little blanket. Super cute!

Seriously, can January just be here already?

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