The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Break

A few days before Christmas, Greg and I decided to open our presents that we got for each other. It was really exciting and I couldn't wait for him to open the one I got for him. I had been really ancy about it for a couple weeks leading up to it. We had a really nice dinner (alambre, something Greg ate in Mexico on his mission) with guacamole and tortillas. That's one of our favorite meals. Then we opened our gifts. I got Greg a Wii and Fifa game for it. He loved it. I think I was more excited about it than he was though. Greg got me a bunch of bows. I was super stoked. I love wearing bows in my hair. He also got me a keyboard! I get to play piano now on a regular basis!! It was seriously the best gift ever. I was so excited! The rest of the night we pretty much played piano and Wii all night. It was great.

Greg and I stayed here in Utah for Christmas and went to Park City to be with his family. It was really nice. Diane made us so many meals, which was so great. We went sledding a lot and played games. Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with Janet and Martha and their friend from Washington. We had a delicious meal at the Cheesecake Factory, and they gave me a beautiful handmade doll (I think from Deseret Book). It reminded Janet of my mom, and I think it is just beautiful. I love it. They also got me a couple of shirts from BYU Hawaii, and they got Greg a bright red tie with a little tiny blue BYU Hawaii logo. It was pretty funny, and they thought it was hilarious because it looked like a University of Utah tie. Overall, that was a really fun time with them. When we got back to the house, we reenacted the Nativity scene with the family. Greg and I played Mary and Joseph, Sam and a guy name Deep played the donkey, Lauren was the shepherd I think, Shaun was one of the wisemen, and Alisa was the angel. It was really fun, and it really helped us remember what Christmas is really about. After the Nativity, we drove over to a family's house that lives in Lance and Diane's ward who were struggling financially a little bit this year, and we dropped off a bunch of presents we had gotten earlier that day. I hope they really enjoyed that.

Christmas day was a blast too. We woke up pretty early, and Sam was just going nuts; he was so excited to see what Santa had brought him! We opened our stockings, drank some egg nog, and then opened presents. Greg and I got a Clearplay system, some money, and a lot of random other things from Lance and Diane. We are so excited to use the Clearplay. It was really sweet and generous of them to give us so much. We also opened a couple of gifts from my parents. One was a crockpot that my mom got for us. We had picked it up at Walmart a few weeks before, but she told us we had to wrap it up for her and open it on Christmas day. It was really cute. We did just that. Mom and Dad also surprised us and gave us our wedding album finally! I was so excited! I had been really wanting it a lot, and I felt like I had waited for so long for it (it's been almost a year and a half since the wedding!). I was so happy, I teared up a little. Thanks Mom and Dad! Greg let me open another present he had gotten me: more bows. I love it! I let him open two more from me: a maroon shirt and a little book I put together. The book had all of the blog posts I wrote about him and his family while we were dating and up to our wedding day. My intentions were to read them together and remember all of our fun times together. I think he liked it. After presents, we ate a delicious breakfast and then went skiing up behind the house on the hill. Lance towed us up with his snow mobile while we had our skis on. It was really fun! Our dinner afterward was pork roast with yams. That's one of my favorite foods too! I loved it! We had a really nice day and night on Christmas. I missed my family a lot, and I wish I could've seen them. But it was really nice being with Greg's family. They are so great.

Here's a random picture of Park City, but it was so beautiful! This was driving up to the house a few days before Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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