The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Went Hiking

Yesterday, Greg and I decided to go on a hike up in the Uinta's, kind of in between Heber City and Mt. Timpanogos. It was beautiful! In total, we probably hiked about 5 miles, round trip. We hiked up to a gorgeous ridge and up to the summit of the mountain. It overlooked Heber Valley and gave such an incredible view of Mt. Timp and the gorgeous other mountains nearby. It was a tough hike though! The last part (the hike to the summit) was pretty vertical, and it took a lot of effort. But it was totally worth it! Here are some pictures!

We were ready for our hike!

The beautiful view of Mount Timpanogos

On our way up, we encountered a HUGE rockslide! It was nuts!

Walking through the Aspens

There were TONS of trees. It was amazing.

We finally made it up to the ridge (before our ascent up to the summit) and this was our view of Heber Valley!

Oddly enough, even though the weather has been SO HOT here in the Provo area lately, we found a little patch of snow (notice the snowball Greg is throwing in this picture).

Now it was time to start the vertical hike up to the top of the peak. 

I was DYING.

We eventually made it up to a huge rock pile (not the top peak yet, but close!)

All over that huge rock pile were THOUSANDS of ladybugs! It was a ladybug colony. It was pretty disgusting if you ask me. Greg kept saying, "Look how cute they are!" and I kept replying, "Yeah, if you get one ladybug on you, it's cute, but if there are hundreds swarming you, I don't think so." Needless to say, it was nasty, but Greg wanted to get a bunch of "cool" pictures of them.

This picture is deceiving; this wasn't the top yet. I wished it was, but unfortunately, no.

THIS is the top! We made it! It sure was tough, but we totally made it! Next to these rocks, we found a container that had a pad of paper and a pen with a bunch of names of people who had made it up there in the past. We added our names, of course! It was an accomplishment.

Coming back down was pretty scary. We found an avalanche shoot that just gave me the creeps (I am deathly afraid of heights). We actually hiked down to the right of what this picture is showing.

On our way down, we saw some really pretty flowers.

This was the trail. I'm telling you, it was like straight up one way, and straight down going back to the car THE ENTIRE TIME.

As we were walking down, I slipped on a rock and landed straight on my hip (I have a pretty big bruise there now) and as I tried to break my fall, my arm landed on the ground and slid right into a Stinging Nettle. It was not a pleasant experience, and my arm was covered with blisters. It went away later that night, but still, it did not feel good!

Greg and I had such a great time on our hike! It was tough, but completely worth it. We are so glad to live in an area that allows us to see and do such beautiful things!

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