The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Testing Greg's Awesome Light at Squaw Peak!

Last week, Greg and I went up to Squaw Peak a couple of times in the evening to test out Greg's light that he has been working on. He's been developing a really powerful, bright light with a couple of his buddies from work. It was so bright! We have a 100 lumen head lamp, and we compared that one with Greg's new awesome light, and the new light is SO MUCH BRIGHTER! As you will see in the pictures, it just lit so much up.

A couple of days after we tested the light the first time, we went up to Squaw Peak again. We hiked up with our skis on our backs, probably like 2.5 miles. Then we skied down in the dark so we could see how skiing was with Greg's light.Once again, it was super bright, and skiing was no problem. The only problem we had was the wet snow we were on; it was terrible to ski on. We barely went 5 mph the entire time. But it was still totally worth it.

It was really fun. Squaw Peak is a pretty safe place to hike up. It's not very steep, and it's really fun! I totally recommend it!

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