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The Livingstons

Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday #22

This President's Day weekend was a very special one. It was my birthday and Valentine's Day, combined with a wonderful 3 day weekend, thanks to President's Day! Greg absolutely spoiled me this year. He does really well with making sure we celebrate Valentine's Day separate from my birthday, even though they are back to back.

On Friday, after we both got home from class and work at about 2pm, Greg told me we needed to get going with the day. I had no idea what he was planning for the weekend; he wanted it to be a surprise for me. So, we started driving up toward Salt Lake. I was sure we were going to go somewhere in downtown SLC, but we passed the exit for downtown. I was a little confused, but I didn't say or ask anything about where we were going. Near Centerville (about 15 minutes north of Salt Lake), Greg got off the freeway. I was wondering what in the world we were doing in this random city. Then we pulled up to Planet Beach, a day spa. I had never been to a day spa before, so it was quite the surprise! Seriously, it was AMAZING. Greg dropped me off to get pampered while he ran some errands.

I got to do 3 different things at the spa: a hydro-massage, a steam bath, and a spray tan. The hydro-massage is basically a machine that you lay on top of, and it massages your entire backside by shooting warm water against your body. It was sooooo nice. I did that for like 20 minutes, and after it stopped I just laid on the machine for another few minutes, so relaxed! Then I moved onto the steam bath. That was probably my favorite part. It was just so hot and nice! I highly recommend getting one if you never have before. And then, of course, I got a spray tan. I had never had one before, so I just decided to go for it. I felt a little overly brown immediately afterward, but it's toned down a little bit. It definitely makes me look healthier than a pasty white college student in Utah. Haha!

Once Greg picked me up from my amazing spa time, he told me that he now wanted to take me to pick out a bathing suit. I haven't had a new one since like the summer of 2011, so it's been a while. I've been telling him lately that I need one for this summer. So, he decided that he would take me so I could pick one out. It was a success! It was really thoughtful of him to do this for me :)

We then went to Salt Lake to go eat. We ate at the Blue Lemon at City Creek in downtown Salt Lake. It was so good! I got chicken with artichoke hearts and tomatoes on top. It was amazing. Greg got a steak. Yummy! After eating, Greg took me to the Red Lion Hotel, where we stayed for 2 nights. It was a blast!

For Valentine's Day, I got Greg a few things. This specific present is a set of 15 letters that I have written to him. Each of them says, "Open When....(something happens)." So he'll open one letter when it's his birthday, or when he needs a good laugh, or when he's feeling lonely, etc. 

I love these types of presents, with the candy and the clever sayings. So, I decided to do this for him.

I also gave him this little jar with a picture of us in it. It's super easy to do, and it makes the picture look kind of vintage-y. You print out a 4X6 picture and put it in a mason jar. Then you fill the jar up with vegetable oil, and that's it! It's pretty cute.

I also got Greg some socks. I'm sure he didn't think that was the coolest present, but he definitely needed them. Haha.

On Valentine's Day, I woke up to a cute little present on my nightstand. Greg got me this awesome jar of Hershey's Kisses. But they weren't just ordinary Kisses. He printed out these little tags that said, "Kiss Your Husband A Lot." He replaced those with the regular tags that Hershey's puts in their kisses that say "Kisses Kisses Kisses" on them. It was really clever! On each of the tags, he also put a word. He made it so that as I open each of the Kisses, there is a secret message on the tags that I have to decode. It was super cute!

On Saturday, my birthday, we went skiing at the Canyons Resort with Chris and a girl he's been kind of dating. It was so much fun! It was our first time skiing this season, so it just made us so happy. Greg amazes me with his skiing skills. He is so good at doing tricks and spins and twists and jumps. He is fearless. But he is so sweet to me. I am not very good at skiing compared to him, but he always tells me how well I'm doing and roots me on. He's the best husband in the world. 

Here's Chris (snowboarding) and Greg (skiing) jumping off of a very large jump.

This is Chris shredding the gnar.

And here's my amazing man. He's so awesome!

After skiing, we went over to Lance and Diane's house. Diane and Sam had decorated their kitchen with little hearts and a Happy Birthday sign. It was really cute. Diane wrote a bunch of little words that described me all over (the good attributes ;)). We chatted for a little bit, and they gave me a present. It was a queen size air mattress and some money to get some sheets! So awesome! It was very nice of them to do that.

We went to Tucano's Brazilian Restaurant for dinner that night. That's probably our favorite place to eat in the entire world. If you aren't familiar with this type of place, they basically come around to you with a bunch of different meats and slice off some pieces for you. So, you get to eat and try several different types of meat. Plus, they have grilled pineapple, which is to die for. It's one of my favorite foods. I also got a Brazilian Limeade. It's suuuuuper amazing. I love it. You have to go to Tucano's (or Rodizio, which is the same thing) extremely hungry because you will get so full! It's great!

Last night (Sunday), Greg and I went over to Grandma Sisco's house (Diane's mom). Diane's side of the family was all over there (the one's who live in Utah), and Diane's sister, Susie, and her family were here from Colorado. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone! The food was delicious (as always), and they even sang "Happy Birthday" to me (it was also Greg's uncle Dave's birthday as well, but he wasn't there because he was sick). We had chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, courtesy of Diane. It was delicious! It was great being with family.

Today (President's Day) we went and hiked in Rock Canyon. It was beautiful and extremely warm! We have such a good time spending time and doing fun things together. I love us.

So, I'm sorry to all of you ladies out there, but I have the best husband in the entire world. I'm not even biased. He is so good to me. I lucked out with this one! He treats me like a queen, and I am so thankful for the wonderful weekend he gave to both of us! My birthday and this entire weekend were amazing.

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