The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Magical MLK Weekend

We had a really great weekend over the MLK holiday. My little sister, Ann Marie, came down and spent the entire weekend with us. I love that girl so much. She is such an awesome person. We had a lot of fun talking, laughing, playing Super Mario Bros and Wii Sports on the Wii, going to Park City to watch the Halfpipe Olympic qualifiers for skiing at Park City Mountain Resort, walking along Main Street and seeing the Sundance Film Festival chaos, and just being together.

The halfpipe skiers were AMAZING! We got to stand right up next to it. The skiers would jump basically right over us. I don't know how those guys do it. I would be terrified. Greg said the halfpipe is around 25 feet high from the base to the top. He said he's done the halfpipe before, but he hasn't done anything nearly as crazy as those guys we saw on Saturday. They were doing tons of flips and twists. It was so cool. And so scary.

Shaun and Wave were actually there with us. It was fun to be together and have a good time with them and my little sister and my husband.

It was really hard to get good pictures of the guys doing their jumps because they were just moving too fast, so the pictures were really blurry. But here's a really cool picture that Ann Marie took.

Shaun and Wave forgot gloves (luckily I had a few extra pairs to give them). They did have hand warmers though. Here's them, freezing their cheeks off, on the bus from Park City Mountain Resort to Main Street.

We saw a lot of people on Main Street. We walked up to the Egyptian Theater, where a lot of Sundance films show at. It was just crazy. We did end up going to this Veggie Burger place (it's usually where the Eating Establishment is on Main Street, if any of you know where that is). I got this Southwest veggie burger that was really good. Ann Marie got these nasty BBQ "rib" veggie sandwiches. I don't even know how they do that without putting meat into them. They were pretty gross. Shaun and Greg got some other sandwiches. The best part about it was that it was ALL FREE! We didn't pay a single cent. I'm pretty sure it was just some Sundance Film Festival promotion. 

On Monday morning, Ann Marie left to go back up to Logan. After she left, Greg and I went to the Provo Canyon to walk around and see the beautiful nature. There was snow everywhere, but it was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was perfect (it even was considerably warm- like 35 degrees! Haha!). The Provo River was beautiful as well. We had a nice time chatting and walking around. It was fun.

The snow was so old that it turned into glittery sugary flakes! It was actually really pretty. Greg says that that type of snow is horrible in avalanches. It moves any snow on top of it like ball bearings. But it sure was cool!

We sure had a great time this weekend with Ann Marie and Shaun and Wave. I'm glad we could get a few days off from work and school! That's always nice! I really love my sister, and I'm so glad that she drove down. Now that she has a car, we can see each other more often and make tons more memories!

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