The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Boating with the Livingstons Summer 2013

Greg and I got to go boating right before Labor Day with his family. It was a blast! Here's who went: Diane, Lance, Alisa, Lauren, Grandma Sisco, Shaun, his girlfriend Wave, Shaun's roommate Alex, Sammy, Greg, and I. We got to wakeboard and tube. Lance and Diane went water skiing. Unfortunately for Alisa, she couldn't come on the boat because the doctor told her it would mess up her back too much. Bummer. She just sat on the beach for like 4 hours (it really wasn't THAT fun Lisa.......). Poor girl. Here are some fun pictures!

Blurry, I know.

My handsome husband.

So, anything Greg tries, he automatically becomes a professional. He ended up being the first one out on the water. After he came in, everyone else was too nervous to go out because he pretty much made us all look bad at the very start. He is amazing.

Meet Wave. She is Shaun's girlfriend. And she is awesome!

Lauren and Alex

Shaun, the boat driver.

After Greg, I decided to get out there, despite how lame I looked compared to him.

I'm really good at looking like I can catch some air.

I'm also really good at falling.

Lauren wakeboarding! Go Lauren!

Here are some pictures of Greg and me tubing. It hurt our arms so much. Lance was driving, and he was an awesome tubing driver. He just really whipped that boat back and forth.

I know how this looks, but I was actually holding onto the tube as Greg was skidding across the water. Surprisingly, he held on and got back on the tube without falling. It was HILARIOUS. We were both laughing so hard, probably hard enough to pee our pants.

I know we took way more pictures of everyone tubing and wakeboarding, but unfortunately, that's all I have on my phone/camera. I'll put them up when I get them. I know we have some of Shaun, Lauren, Lance, Diane, Wave, Alex, even some of Sammy on the tube. It was soooo much fun!

After boating, we went to the BYU Women's Soccer game that night with Shaun and Wave. BYU played Nebraska. Apparently Nebraska is one of the only teams BYU lost to last year, but this year was different! We creamed them 3-0! It was great. Such an awesome game. I had never been to BYU soccer game before, so it was a real treat.

We had a blast that day. It was a great last activity to do before school started (school.... don't we all just love it....). But really, it was way awesome and a perfect end to the summer!

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  1. Thanks so much for this!! The photos you have of the two of you are super good--especially the air Greg and you caught. I didn't know you were off to the game later that day-what a great time! You look very cool in your matching T-shirts-Go BYU!