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The Livingstons

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kate's First Two Months

These past two months have been CRAZY! In a good way.

Basically the entire first month, I was a wreck. I was so nervous and I felt so incredibly overwhelmed. The first couple weeks, whenever it started getting dark, I would start getting really nervous and anxious because I was scared of not being able to sleep very much. In that first week with Kate home, people kept telling me to sleep when she sleeps, but whenever I would try to do that, I wouldn't fall asleep in time before she woke up again! I just could not sleep very well because of the nerves, and that made me more nervous!

Luckily my mom came into town for that first week or so. I was SO HAPPY she was there to help me. She was a life saver! Before Kate was born, I considered having her come a few weeks after the birth, but I am SO GLAD that she came right away! It was just so nice to have her support, emotionally and physically. I really realized that you need so much emotional support after you have a baby because your hormones are going crazy!! And having your mom help you is just such a special thing.

I also have had a lot of support from Greg's family and my little sister. Diane comes and watches her sometimes so I can sleep or run errands. Aunt Liz has come to see her and has had me over at her house to spend some time together. Grandma Sisco and Alisa have been super supportive. My little sister has come down to spend time with us. There have been others who have helped out, and it's been great.

After that first month, things got a lot easier. I definitely wouldn't say everything is easy now, but it is easier than that first month. I've been feeling much better and more confident. I have felt an overwhelming love for Kate that I have never felt before.

You know, I really thought that as soon as I saw my baby, none of the pain or anxiety or anything would matter. I thought I would have this overwhelming love for her and feel connected to her. Don't get me wrong, I definitely saw her for the first time and felt a love that I had never felt before, but after that, my anxiety kicked in and I missed my old life and felt so sad that things would never be the same. I resented the fact that now I couldn't sleep very much. It made me really sad because I yearned so much to just love Kate with no regrets or sad feelings.

But after that first month, I had some special experiences with her that I wouldn't trade for anything. I finally felt connected to her and felt SO incredibly lucky to be her mommy. Now, I just look at her and wonder how I got so lucky to have such a beautiful and sweet little girl. I often wonder to myself how I could love anyone like I love Kate. It feels like my heart will burst from the love!

About a week ago, my sister, Steph, came to help out. It was so fun to have her here! She definitely pampered me, and I loved every second of it! I'm lucky to have such amazing support.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Kate's first two months of life. She has changed so much since she was born! She has learned so much! She loves to smile (she was smiling from day 4), she loves kisses from mommy and daddy, she loves to be held and rocked, she loves when mommy sings to her, and she is so observant and aware of the things going on around her.

2 days old, and our first day home with her.

Grandma came to visit!

Oh, mom.

Auntie Ree came to visit!

Big yawn.

4 days old and happy as can be!

Grandma Nancy came to visit!

Those crazy hands love to scratch her face.

Her favorite piece of clothing: the snow suit. For a while, we put her in this to sleep at night. It's so comfy and warm for her! She was so tiny the first time we put her in it that her arms didn't even come close to reaching the end of the sleeves.

In love.

Tired baby

Falling asleep on mommy

She sure loves her daddy!

Auntie Wave! Loving every minute.

Kate's first stroller ride!

Auntie Sara came to visit!

Kate scratched her face a ton that first month. We would put little mittens on her hands, but she just swiped them off all the time. So Greg decided to get some socks and put them all the way up her arms.

Love those little feet and toes!

Kate used to HATE baths. Probably because we gave her sponge baths at first and it was too cold. But once we started giving her real baths, she was IN LOVE. And she would scream and cry when we took her out.

Aunt Liz, Rebecca, and Anna came to visit!

Cute little Anna.

Cute Rebecca!

Gotta start brainwashing them to go to BYU when they're young, right?

Princess Kate

Happy baby!

Daddy time!

Cute little bundle!

One night, Kate was screaming while we were trying to eat. So Greg got up with her, walked over to this picture of Jesus, and as soon as she saw it, she immediately stopped crying and just started at him. It was the cutest thing! She already loves Jesus.

Partying even when she's sleeping. Put those hands in the air.

SOOOO cute!!!

Precious angel

Seriously the cutest.

Just hanging with daddy.

Family fun at the park on Valentine's Day.

Daddy got her a little Minnie Mouse stuffed animal while he was in California!

Having some sweet dreams!

Diane made this gorgeous blessing dress for Kate. We just LOVE it!

I just love her so much!

Angel girl

I'm so glad Steph could come! I love her so much!

Kate is the best! I love her so much! She's already growing up too fast!!!

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