The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Fun!

Greg and I have been having a great time this summer, despite me constantly being in school and working and Greg working full time. Remember when I said we were going to go to the lake more often? Well, we have gone quite a few times since a few weeks ago. Greg LOVES spearfishing. Whenever he gets some free time, he heads up to the lake (about 30 minutes away) usually with one of his brothers. I've been able to go with him a couple of times. It has been great! Here are some pictures of the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir. And then more of what we have been up to lately.

This picture is when we went just one afternoon. It was storming pretty crazily in the mountains. There was lightning like every 30-60 seconds. I was kind of scared of Greg and Chris being in the water spearfishing because of the lightning and thunder. But it sure was pretty!
This is the lake last Saturday. I just can't get over how beautiful it is.
I decided to finally test the water out. It was surprisingly pretty warm! It was extremely refreshing to be able to go swimming and cool off. I loved it!
So last week, NASA was using some spaceship to take some pictures of Saturn, and Earth happened to be right behind Saturn at the time (which is super rare). So, my fellow co-workers (Amanda and Mikaila) and I went outside to "photobomb" Saturn. Supposedly it was this big thing that science people were really excited about, and if we took a picture and tagged ourselves on FaceBook or Instagram with the hashtag #WaveAtSaturn, we could potentially be in the news or something like that. It was fun.
Don't mind the crazy mixing bowl as a hat and laser glasses. A professor in the department I work in (Electrical and Computer Engineering) gave us some stuff that they use in their labs to wear in our photos.
This is my friend Mikaila and me. We're kind of crazy.
So, on Monday night, we got together with Chris, Jocelyn, Greg's parents, and his littler brother Sam and rode the Heber Creeper. Let me just say, it definitely was a creeper. It went very slow, the train was kind of falling apart, and it was very hot and loud. Other than that, it was an adventure. We did get to chat a little bit, but it was just so loud from a bunch of music and kids screaming that we could barely hear each other.

Yesterday, Greg and I went and floated down the Provo River for Pioneer Day. We were very excited to have a day off from work and school, so we wanted to do something fun. The river was absolutely FREEZING. But it was kind of fun trying to not get wet as we floated through the "rapids" (seriously there are like no rapids on this river). Anyway, the best part was that we had these super lame tubes that we got from Walmart a while back for like $5 each. They barely kept us afloat, and I think that's why it was so cold. Even though we wished we had better and bigger tubes, we still had a blast. It was really nice floating together along the nice, calm river. And almost falling into the cold water.

We have been doing some fun things this summer. I'm sure we would be doing more, but we are just so busy! I'm sure our lives will get crazier and busier in the future, so we need to take advantage of what little time we have now!

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