The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Friday, July 27, 2012

Horseback Riding

We had so much fun on Pioneer Day! We went up to Park City and spent the night at Greg's parents' house and the next day we got up and went horseback riding. I guess technically it's muleback riding. Greg's dad, Lance, has a mule named Jake on his friends' property, so we went over there and took 3 mules out for a ride. It was so much fun! It reminded me of going to my Aunt Darlene's ranch out in Nuevo, California. I had been basically begging Lance to take me riding, and I finally got my wish. Here are some pictures!

Lauren is a cute! She's riding Rusty.

Crazy ride!

Lance and Sammy on Peaches. 

Diane and Greg. Diane is on Jake (the mule - probably only the Livingston family will get this joke).

Greg, Lance, and I went on a ride, and then we came back and switched with Diane, Lauren, and Sam. 

While Lance, Diane, Sam, and Lauren were gone, we got to play with the dog, Lucy, that was at the house. She would fetch the ball and then not give it up! So Greg and the kid that lives there were chasing her everywhere. It was pretty funny. She is FAST!

I wanted a picture of Greg and me on the horses, but unfortunately we didn't get any good ones of both of us. These will have to do! I'm on Rusty, and Greg is on Jake in the background.

Lauren and Jake

Greg trying to get Rusty's saddle off. He was a stubborn one, that Rusty.

Seriously, after this, I am in love with horseback riding and these beautiful mules! They are so friendly and fun to be around. On top of that, they are STRONG and capable of a lot, including going up and down very steep hills. I really want to go again soon!

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