The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Idaho Falls Weekend

So, Leah, Sara, and I went to Idaho Falls this past weekend for just a getaway from Rexburg. It was so fun! We stayed at a hotel called Shilo Inn for two nights, Friday and Saturday. It was just so nice to sit around, relax, swim, sit in the super warm jacuzzi, and hang out with each other. I think both nights we fell asleep at like 3:30 AM. Which isn't too bad, I think it could've been worse. Friday, we went shopping at the I.F. mall; I got some new cute clothes :] I think my favorites were the new brown boots and white sundress I got. I think I'm gonna look like a country girl with that outfit on. I love it. Saturday, we went to the Bodies Exhibit, with all the cadavers that show the insides of the bodies. It was extremely interesting. My favorite parts were the exhibit that showed the blood vessels only in your body, and also the exhibit that showed the fetus at different stages during a pregnancy. It all was just way cool. Later that night, we went to Red Robin for Leah's birthday basically, and then saw Tangled. Cutest movie ever! It was so adorable; I had never seen it before, and I was so glad to have gone! Basically, the rest of the trip was just hanging out at the hotel and going in the jacuzzi, which was just fine for all three of us. We absolutely loved that jacuzzi. Overall, it was a way fun weekend, and I'll always have those memories with my girls!

As for this week: I'm going down to Utah on Wednesday night! Sean Lisenby (Leah's cousin) and Pedro Mendoza (Leah's boyfriend) are both coming up to Idaho to pick Leah and me up and we are going back down to Utah. I will get to see Greg all weekend! I am so excited! We are actually going down for one of our old FHE brother's wedding on Friday. But other than that, I will be in Park City! I think we are also gonna go to the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, and maybe go to some hot springs down there too, oh and maybe go skiing! It's gonna be AWESOME!

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