The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Monday, March 28, 2016

I Just Love My Little Boo Bear

Tonight, Greg and I were doing FHE with Kate. We pulled out a picture of President Hinckley, and we were trying to explain why prophets are important to us. As I was talking to Kate, she grabbed the picture, leaned all the way over, and kissed President Hinckley. It was the sweetest thing! She also does that to the pictures of Jesus in her room. Almost every night, she points to the pictures (there are like 3 of Jesus), and when we give them to her, she gives them kisses. Seriously, it is the cutest thing ever.

Kate is just such a sweetheart. She has been a lot more cuddly lately, which is a giant step for her. She's been giving us kisses and hugs and just wants to be with us. She has major stranger anxiety right now. If people stay like 5 feet away from her, she's super friendly, but if they get any closer, she jumps right into my lap or arms. It's actually pretty cute.

The past few weeks, Katherine has been cutting 4 molars. It has been INSANE. She does NOT handle it well, and so it makes for one angry little baby. I don't blame her- cutting teeth is horrible! I'd be crying too! I totally did cry when my wisdom teeth came in. But even though I feel for her, it doesn't make it any easier being the mom that has to take care of the crying, screaming, wailing baby. There are times when I try everything up my sleeve and she STILL isn't happy. I just tell myself that this teething will be over soon, and I can get through it. We both can get through it. When she isn't screaming or wailing, she is the SWEETEST little girl.

Greg and I are going to Europe in June. Greg has to go do an audit at a company in Lausanne, Switzerland, so I'm going to come with him and we will make a big trip out of it! We will go to Switzerland, Austria, and Italy (maybe France and Germany, too). We are having Diane come and watch Kate for 2 weeks while we are there. I'm really excited, but SO nervous to leave Kate. Honestly, it gives me anxiety just thinking about leaving her. I know she will be ok, I totally know that. But I haven't been apart from her for more than like 6 hours (not including sleeping) her entire life! I'm nervous that she won't know what is going on and will think we abandoned her, and I'm nervous that I won't be able to handle being away from her. I really do want to go on this trip because I think Greg and I need it (and we deserve it), but I just get so sad at the same time.

As you can tell, I am basically obsessed with Kate. My heart could explode with the love I have for her. She is the sweetest, cutest, happiest, most beautiful girl I've ever met. I'm so glad that she is all mine.

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