The Livingstons

The Livingstons

Saturday, October 2, 2010

On My Way To Provo...

Well, today was an awesome day. Here's why:

I had one class today from 12:45-1:45, and then went and hung out with Nicole Goold, a girl I met a few years ago at BYU Soccer Camp. At about 4:30, Greg Livingston came over to Nicole's apartment, where Nicole, her boyfriend Kyle, and I were waiting (because his class didn't get out until 4:15). We ended up leaving for our road trip to Provo, Utah.

The ride was a lot of fun actually. We played car games, talked, listened to music, and teased each other. Greg even tried to braid my hair, but couldn't quite get the hang of it... We stopped in Ogden because that is where Nicole lives, and she wanted to drop off all her stuff before we kept going toward Salt Lake City. After about a half hour there, we were on the road again, trying to use the GPS in Nicole's Jeep Cherokee to guide us to a food place in Salt Lake City. We followed all of the directions the GPS told us, but we were somehow still lost. I called my brother Greg, who drove up to Salt Lake with Karina to meet us halfway, and as he was trying to explain directions to where he was, we still couldn't find him or find out where the heck we were. Until we found out that we were in the wrong city, using the wrong directions. We were in Bountiful. I don't know how we messed that one up, but long story short, Nicole finally let Greg drive the car because he kind of knew what he was doing, and we ended up finding Greg and Karina.

Greg Livingston, Greg, Karina, and I drove to Draper after that, and stopped at Janet and Martha's house. They ordered pizza for us, we talked, had some good laughs, and they ended up letting me use one of their cars for the weekend. They are the most generous people I have ever met. I love them so much. Greg Livingston and I then followed Greg and Karina to Provo, where we stopped to get some Frozone (frozen yogurt). Greg kept trying to get free samples the whole time. It was hilarious. Then we went to Center Street in Provo because Greg Livingston's brother was DJing at a party over there. The only bad thing was that it cost 7 bucks each to get into the party, and there was an "intimidating" bouncer at the door, so Greg was the only one who could've gotten in for free because of his brother. But instead, he came and hung out with Greg, Karina, and me at Greg and Karina's place. It was a lot of fun :]

Overall, I really enjoyed today. A lot happened, but I got to hang out with Greg Livingston and see two of my favorite people in the entire world! Which, in fact, I'm staying at their house this weekend during Conference. It's awesome having this much freedom and being on my own!

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  1. Ms Samantha! You're officially all grown up now out on your own at college! So fun you started a blog so I can share in your adventures!!

    Looks like life is wonderful. I'm SO Happy for you! Keep on the path you're on (remembering that your studies are important too of course!) and your life will continue to be blessed! You deserve it girl!